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LaserGrade CO₂

This material is suitable and safe for your CO₂ laser cutter!

This means that we, Lasersheets, have extensively tested and approved this material to use in laser machines. LaserGrade wood cuts with a clean brown edge (instead of a black charred edge) and LaserGrade plastic gets a smooth edge without burning.

Please note; The maximum thickness of this material that your laser can cut depends on your laser power. Thicker plates require more power!

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Not suitable for diode lasers

This material is NOT suitable for Diode lasers.

Even using multiple passes, you will NOT laser through this material (cleanly) with a diode laser.

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100% recycled acrylic

This acrylic is 100% recycled and recyclable as well!

In a special factory, pre- and post-consumer acrylic is transformed into new raw material (MMA) with exactly the same high quality, both optically and mechanically, as new 'virgin' acrylic. In this way, acrylic can be recycled forever without loss of quality.

Our own acrylic leftovers (and those from Snijlab) are also collected separately and go straight back into this recycling process, becoming new sheets again.

There are several brands of recycled acrylic. Lasersheets supplies Green Cast® from Madreperla and ECO CAST® from Astariglas, among others.

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Acrylic transparent

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Acrylic transparent


Transparent colored plastic with a high-quality finish and a glossy surface.

These beautiful acrylic colors make every project look perfect. Acrylic is optically clear, impact resistant and can be beautifully engraved. Moreover, it is UV-resistant and suitable for long-term outdoor use.

Transparent colored acrylic has numerous applications. It boasts a professional appearance and doesn't necessitate any finishing. You can use it for windows, device cases, protective covers, or consumer products like key rings, jigs, and templates. Acrylic is also widely employed in advertising and signage for lettering, product displays, etc.


Buy sheet material with peace of mind


Buy sheet material with peace of mind

Laser Grade
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