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Difficult to laser cut

Difficult to laser cut

Do you recognize this after laser cutting:

  • charred edges
  • not to cut
  • not cut at knots and tassels

The composition of a material is very important to make it suitable for laser use. You often don't notice it from the outside.

Our material has been tested and proven to be suitable for laser cutting with CO2 lasers

Hard to get

Hard to get

If you search with traditional suppliers, you will have to work with:

  • Minimum purchase quantities
  • High delivery costs (freight)
  • Specialization in one type of material (wood or plastic or cardboard)
  • Limited knowledge of laser cutability
  • No deliveries to small customers and private individuals

We have all types of material in one place

Easy to order online

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Too big for my workshop

Too big for my workshop

Industrial sizes of sheet material range up to 2 by 3 meters.

  • Delivery of large sheets is extra expensive
  • Large workshop and forklift required to receive this
  • Sawing is a lot of work and you need special equipment

Our sheet materials are available in convenient sizes for your laser

Delivered with PostNL, or on a (small) pallet

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