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Wood, plastic and cardboard sheets for your laser cutter or engraver. In sizes that fit your machine


Guaranteed suitable for laser cutting

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Birch plywood suitable for laser cutting. Widely used and versatile wood. It is hard, strong, and has a distinct wood grain.

Bulk buyers receive significant discounts on birch plywood with a workshop pack

Expertly selected material for laser cutting

So you can get the best out of your laser.



Not all sheet material on the market is suitable for laser cutting. Our materials are.

We have been following laser material developments for the last 12 years and offer you the best of the market.

Laser grade wood

Wooden sheet material with special glue types for laser cutting.

LaserGrade plastic

High quality plastic sheets in many colours.


Make the conscious choice

We are FSC® certified

And proud of our selection of birch wood and MDF

Recycled plastics

Our GreenCast acrylics are recycled

Discover discount packs

Small sheets, lots of variety

Useful mixes; wood, plastic and most commonly used materials

The best way to get to know materials

4 sheets of 300x600mm

Beautiful combinations

Colorful mix of smaller pieces of material

Delivered in a handy reusable crate

Always have materials at hand for your project

Ideal for workshops, makerspaces and anyone who experiments!

Smart mix of the most commonly used materials

Available in multiple sizes to fit your machine

Up to 20% savings

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Buy sheet material with peace of mind


Buy sheet material with peace of mind

LaserGrade materials

In sizes that fit your laser cutter

From 1 sheet

Fast delivery throughout the EU