Return is possible within 30 days
from the date of purchase

Return shipping costs
your pay the return shipping cost

Money back within 14 days
upon an approved return

Are you not completely satisfied with your material? No problem, returns can be made up to 30 days after purchase.

Materials can only be returned if they are undamaged and unprocessed. Parts of materials cannot be taken back.

The purchase amount will be refunded, you will pay the shipping costs for returning yourself.

Questions about returns

Where can I return my items?

Create a return in your account, and send or drop off your items at:

Lasersheets Rotterdam
Van Helmontstraat 23 (unit 16)
3029AA, Rotterdam

Can I still cancel my order?

If your order has not yet been sent yet, you can still cancel it, please contact us quickly!

Can I add another item to my just placed order?

Please contact customer service to discuss whether this is possible.

I have specified the wrong size, can I still change it?

If your order has already been sent, you can unfortunately no longer change the size. Contact us quickly!

Can I return a product?

Yes, you can return a product within 30 days of purchase. Provided it has not been damaged or edited.

I have not yet received my return amount

We will refund the purchase amount within 14 days after receiving your return package. Provided that the material is not damaged and has not been processed.

Are you waiting too long for your return amount? Please contact us.

Return conditions

Returns can be made within 30 days of purchase, provided the material has not been damaged or modified.

The shipping costs for returning your return order are at your own expense.

The purchase amount will be refunded within 14 days after receiving the return order.

My equipment is damaged.

We're sorry to hear that!

Please contact customer service to find a suitable solution.

We will replace damaged material at no extra cost.

Is my material damaged?

Scratches and breaks are obvious damage.

However, some things are specific to the material and we do not see these as damage. This includes:

Knots and plugs in plywood sheets. Wood is a natural product and contains imperfections. The plywood quality determines the degree of 'disorders' that can be tolerated. The product pages provide more information about the qualities.

Small holes in the layer filling of plywood sheets.

Deviating sheet thickness, as long as it falls within the thickness tolerance. Many materials can vary in thickness. That is a consequence of the way they are made. The page with an explanation of a material states which deviations we allow.

Scratches and other minor damage on materials without protective film. Some materials, such as polyacetal, are delivered from the factory without a protective film. As a result, the material may contain scratches and other damage. These materials are especially suitable for technical applications where this is not a problem. If you want a material for aesthetic applications, choose a material with a protective film.

Crooked sheets (within reason). Some materials can warp due to rapid changes in temperature and humidity. In most cases they straighten out again when they have been in a constant climate for a few days.

We cannot replace materials with such properties. You can of course return them.