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LaserGrade CO₂

This material is suitable and safe for your CO₂ laser cutter!

This means that we, Lasersheets, have extensively tested and approved this material to use in laser machines. LaserGrade wood cuts with a clean brown edge (instead of a black charred edge) and LaserGrade plastic gets a smooth edge without burning.

Please note; The maximum thickness of this material that your laser can cut depends on your laser power. Thicker plates require more power!

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Not suitable for diode lasers

This material is NOT suitable for Diode lasers.

Even using multiple passes, you will NOT laser through this material (cleanly) with a diode laser.

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Rubber Stamp Material

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Rubber Stamp Material


Create detailed and unique stamps for a variety of applications. 


Rubber Stamp Material is flexible and has a smooth surface. By engraving it, you can create detailed stamp designs. This high-quality rubber was specifically designed for producing stamps. 


Even though Rubber Stamp Material is mainly used for creating stamps, it can also be used as a sealing material. Your engravings might contain some deposit freed during the process. When needed this can easily be removed with lukewarm water and soap.

Your stamp rubber material is easy to attach to a flat area with double-sided tape. You can also glue the rubber with a contact glue onto, for example, a wooden handle. The colour of the material is light-grey and it has a smooth surface.


Buy sheet material with peace of mind


Buy sheet material with peace of mind

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