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The top 10 materials for laser cutting

The best materials for laser cutting

Are you a designer or creator who frequently uses a laser cutter? Perhaps you operate a laser-cutting service or work at an educational institution where these devices are in use. Everyone who uses a laser cutter, is familiar with the challenges: poor quality materials that prove difficult or impossible to cut, often available only in large quantities, and accompanied by high delivery costs.

It all starts with selecting the finest materials. Not every sheet material is suitable for laser cutting and engraving. The adhesive in plywood and MDF does not always respond well to the laser cutter. A single knot in the sheet, and you have to start all over again. Such situations frequently lead to frustration, which can be avoided easily.

At Lasersheets, we possess a comprehensive understanding of sheet materials that are ideal for laser cutting and we know which materials are most commonly used. Drawing from our 12 years of experience as a laser cutting service (in collaboration with our sister company, Snijlab), we are eager to share our knowledge and insights with anyone engaged in laser engraving and cutting.

These materials might be essential additions to your inventory. Each has a unique purpose, so make your own selection. To facilitate a quick start, we share our top 10 materials for laser cutting here.

The best materials for laser cutting and engraving

These 10 sheet materials for laser cutting and laser engraving all have different characteristics, which makes them suitable for different purposes. Some are soft and flexible; others are sturdy and modern and others again are natural and stylish.

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Birch wood in laser cutter

1. Birch plywood

Birch plywood is an excellent wood for the laser cutter. It is a hard and strong material, with a beautiful, subtly visible grain. The typically attractive and natural appearance of plywood is very recognisable. That is why it is so widely used.

When birch plywood is assembled, multiple layers are glued together in a crosswise fashion. It is worth noting that the sheets are stiffer along the main direction of the grain. Our birch plywood is virtually knot-free, minimising potential issues when processing.

It is crucial that the glue used for producing plywood is suitable for laser cutting. The plywood varieties typically found in hardware stores may not meet this criterion. You will notice this when your laser struggles to cut through the material and leaves charred edges behind.

Our birch plywood is specifically crafted for laser cutters and produced with suitable glue. This ensures swift laser cutting with aesthetically pleasing golden brown edges that do not rub off. The wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests in Scandinavia. Additionally, the most commonly used thicknesses, 3mm and 6mm, are FSC® certified, highlighting our commitment to responsible forestry practices.


2. MDF

MDF is also a favourite material for many laser cutters. It consists of pressed and glued wood fibres and not of different layers, as is the case with plywood. The advantage of MDF for laser cutting is that it is homogeneous, which means that the material is equally thick and hard everywhere. That makes it a predictable and enjoyable material to work with in the laser cutter.

Another advantage of MDF is its cost-effectiveness. It is regularly used for making prototypes and items that require additional finishing. Explore our MDF sheets designed for laser cutting; some come pre-finished, such as those featuring a veneered oak top layer. This provides additional options for achieving the desired look in your laser-cutting projects.

The MDF boards with a thickness of 3, 4, 6 and 9 millimetres from our range are also FSC® certified. Where possible, we always look for the most sustainable option. For model making, or laser cutters with lower power, we also have 1mm thick MDF and 2mm thick MDF . Of course, all our MDF can be used in the laser cutter without any problems  and is made with the appropriate glue.

3. Matt acrylic

Acrylic is a versatile plastic that can be supplied in various colours and designs. Matt acrylic in particular is very popular with our customers, due to its modern and stylish appearance. The great thing about acrylic is that it is UV-resistant and colourfast. So you do not have to worry about discoloration, even if it is used outside.

With our matt acrylic you can cut everything, from façade advertising to models to hobby projects: no finish needed.

4. PE rigid foam

Our foam types can also be processed in the laser cutter. PE rigid foam is slightly harder than an average mattress. That is why it is widely used as the lining of suitcases and toolboxes, as well as for logos and layered sculptures. Also useful to know: PE rigid foam is waterproof and resistant to chemicals. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for use in workshops.

PE rigid foam panels are offered in various thicknesses and sizes. By precision cutting specific shapes into the foam, you can establish secure storage spaces for your tools, musical instruments, or other delicate items. Additionally, if desired, you have the option to engrave text or a logo next to these custom-cut spaces.


5. Crystal clear acrylic

Clear acrylic, unlike our matte acrylic discussed earlier, lets through light and is see-through. It is also UV-resistant and colourfast. Outdoor use is therefore no problem. It is a relatively stiff material, making it versatile and widely applicable.

Because you can see through clear acrylic and because it is weather-resistant, it is often ordered for façade advertising, logos and front panels. You can also use it instead of glass, for example in your children's playhouse, for a safer choice.


6. PP (Polypropylene)

In contrast to stiff acrylic, PP is very flexible. It is supplied as a thin plastic film. It is unique because it can be folded and the surface has a light structure. You have undoubtedly come into contact with this material, because it is used, for example, for file folders and protective covers.

We offer PP in many colours and despite its flexibility, it is also quite tough and scratch resistant. By cutting it to size with the laser cutter and engraving folding lines, you can make your own foldable box or lampshade.


7. Bamboo

Bamboo is a fast-growing and therefore sustainable type of wood for the laser cutter. These bamboo panels are solid, unlike plywood. They are made by gluing strips of bamboo together. If you bend it along the grain, you will notice how stiff and tough the material is. But be careful, it is also susceptible to breakage across the grain.

Even though bamboo is not the easiest material to work with, it is a sustainable material with a unique and warm appearance. Use it to make housings or as front panels for your kitchen cabinets, for example.


8. Black MDF

You have already read about our uncoloured MDF, but did you know that there are also MDF boards that are already pre-coloured? In this case it is black MDF, which does not need any finishing. The advantage is that our sheets are tinted through and through as opposed to just having a coloured top layer. This makes scratches and other damage much less visible. Of course, just like standard MDF, it is also homogeneous and easy to use.

Black MDF is somewhat stronger and considerably heavier than standard MDF. Both sides look the same. It is colourfast, but not waterproof. So, give it a coat of protective varnish first, if you want to use it outside. Our black MDF can be used in all kinds of fields, from hobby to professional, and is available in several thicknesses.


Acrylic gold mirror

9. Acrylic gold mirror

Have a look at our mirror acrylic and you will immediately see how versatile this plastic is. In this version it resembles a standard mirror with a beautiful golden shine. These mirrors have no wrinkles and reflect the image perfectly. You can laser cut them in all kinds of shapes, to create a beautiful effect.

Cut mirror acrylic into the right shape and you turn it into much more than just a unique mirror. It is also ideal for displays and billboards, lamps and other lighting. And because it is acrylic, you can use it outside without any problems.


10. Poplar plywood

We conclude the list of our 10 best materials for laser cutting with poplar plywood . You can immediately recognize this wood by its light colour and low weight. Poplar is a soft type of wood and therefore less strong and stiff than birch plywood.

The advantage of the lower weight is that the sheets can be supplied with higher thicknesses. It is widely used in model building. Do you want to use it outside, for example as a sign? Then make sure you first finish it properly and make it weatherproof.

The ideal materials for your laser cutter

What is the ideal material for your upcoming laser cutting project? We always recommend selecting high-quality materials. This ensures a safe cutting process, free from knots, with clean seams and perfect undamaged edges.

When you place an order with us, you can be sure that you will receive materials perfectly suited for laser cutting – it is our expertise! We accommodate all orders, whether in small quantities or bulk, and we offer postal delivery. All our materials meet stringent quality standards and are specifically chosen for use in laser cutters.

We cater for anyone with a laser cutter, so take a look at our extensive web shop or contact us for further advice.

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